Reproductive work is our area of specialisation and we offer a number of services including stud work, infertility investigation, advanced reproductive techniques/artificial breeding and reproductive surgery.

Although no artificial breeding is allowed in the thoroughbred industry, the development of artificial breeding techniques has led to a much better understanding of the mare and stallion. Hence the development of this aspect of reproduction within the practice has given a better insight into problems of infertility in all equine breeds. Infertility work has therefore become a significant feature in the skills of the practice.

The artificial breeding component of the practice continues to expand and use of frozen or chilled semen is a routine procedure. Semen freezing facilities are available as are embryo transfer, semen collection and shipping.

The development of endoscopic insemination using a videoendoscope has allowed us access to specialized techniques including low dose inseminations, whereby extremely small numbers of sperm can be placed high in the uterus, to impregnate mares which would otherwise be impossible.  This has allowed us to take part in experimental work, including the first successful pregnancy in Australia using frozen sex-sorted semen.  This was carried out under the direction of the University of Sydney.

Semen Collecting and Freezing

Semen Collecting and Freezing


The practice has formed numerous collaborations over the years with institutions such as the University of Sydney, Newcastle University, Sydney IVF and the Royal North Shore Hospital. Publication of case reports, trialling of new technologies, data collection and student supervision are just some of the ways we participate, and all ensure we contribute to the advances in veterinary knowledge and keep up to date with the latest technology in practice.

Semen Collecting and Freezing

Freezing a stallion’s semen allows the preservation of valuable genetics indefinitely. At JPVH we work with the stallion owner & handler to train the stallion, perform a comprehensive semen assessment, collect semen and preserve sperm using latest freezing technology.

Artificial Breeding and ART's

Breeding by chilled and frozen semen carries numerous advantages and requires close monitoring of the mares being bred. Techniques such as embryo transfer and embryo freezing have also become possible in recent years and are available at JPVC.

Fertility Assessment

Failure to conceive can occur for various reasons and often remains a mystery without further examination. At JPVH we offer a comprehensive investigation followed up by extensive laboratory diagnostics, in many cases revealing treatable conditions and a successful return to stud.This includes reproductive soundness exams and palpation/ultrasound of mares in preparation for breeding, and administration of drugs as necessary to maximize the chances of conception and a successful gestation & foaling. Most procedures can be done either at the clinic or on property.

Equine Services

The practice offers a first opinion general equine practice to service the Hunter Valley as well as a second opinion service and consultancy on the special area of equine reproduction.

Ultrasound,digital radiography and electrocardiography facilities are available.